We Compared 3 Top Loungewear Brands So You Don’t Have To

After what feels like centuries of working from home, then cautiously venturing out to socialize, we're all still a bit baffled about what to wear? Leggings, yoga pants, joggers, sweats? Our editors laughed out loud when we discovered that each of us had a huge pile of faded navy, black, and grey, end-of-life comfy bottoms. They were totally worn out, torn, and frayed to bits.

That's where loungewear comes in. This functional fashion trend works well for both men and women. You'll never feel underdressed if you're hitting up a local pub or meeting friends for brunch. You can pick up take-out and head right back to your couch to catch up on Succession's latest vicious family squabble.

Once our editors learned how adaptable loungewear is, we decided to dive into our research and identify the most comfy, stylish, versatile - yet durable - joggers out there for both women and men. We came up with three popular brands - Vuori, Tommy John, and Uniqlo - and compared them to see which comes out on top.

You'll be surprised by what we discovered:

Key Similarities:

  • All offer the typical jogger-style fit from hips to ankle
  • All have styles for women and men
  • All have functional pockets

Key Differences:

  • Vuori & Tommy John's sizes run XS - XXL - Although Uniqlo's sizes are "XXS - XXXL," they're much smaller on the body
  • Vuori's signature DreamKnit™ fabric is ultra-soft brushed - Tommy John is a soft tri-blend - Uniqlo uses a cotton stretch fabric
  • Vuori offers a vast array of rich colors - Tommy John has a handful of dark, heathers, and double-stripes - Uniqlo has quite a limited palette
  • Tommy John has pieces that are tagless

Vuori Overview:

At first glance, Vuori's loungewear rocks. For men: the Ponto Performance Pants are the sweats we've yearned for our entire lives. Made of Vuori's signature DreamKnit™ fabric – an ultra-soft brushed jersey – they offer a straight-leg modern fit as comfortable as it is durable. Wear them anywhere at home or out-and-about.

For women, the Performance Joggers provide a slim but relaxed fit with a slightly cropped leg, a drawstring, and side pockets! YAY FOR POCKETS! We truly enjoy the brilliant 4-way stretch and how these joggers flatter our bodies.

And, thanks to DreamKnit™, they're soft and luxurious and available in a variety of colors like Terracotta Heather, Kelp Heather, Burnt Clay, and Flax. We couldn't decide which color was more delicious - so we bought them all!

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Tommy John Overview:

Tommy John sells a variety of casual/lounging options. Their men's and women's joggers are perfectly adequate. And for anyone who is annoyed by clothing tags, some of Tommy John's joggers are tag-free. Two functional side-pockets and a tapered fit from hips to ankles blend utility and sleekness.

Although prices are comparable to Vuori and other competitors, they do not measure up to Vuori in terms of looks and style. Their joggers are decently made, but not super-impressive. And we found the design and color choices to be soooo dull… if that's what you want. We expect more.

Uniqlo Overview:

Who hasn't worn Uniqlo's dormwear? It's the oldest of the companies we checked into. Uniqlo's origins lie in postwar Japan, but it wasn't until the 1990s that it skyrocketed into global prominence.

Although Uniqlo isn't specifically an athleisure brand, many customers make it their go-to for comfortable basics at affordable prices. Uniqlo has a wealth of budget-friendly options. Their Cotton Relaxed Jogger Pants for men are priced at $19.90 - a real steal - and are made of cotton stretch fabric. Although their joggers cost one-third the price of both Vuori and Tommy John, you get what you pay for - blah shades like black, grey, dark grey, green. Ewww.

We don't appreciate that their Drape Jogger Pants for women cost $39 - a clear case of women being charged more for the guys' version. We were outraged, so we all decided it was time to graduate from Uniqlo U.

Final Thoughts:

In terms of color, design, leading-edge fabrics, and durability it's blatantly clear that Vuori's our pick. Plus, we look damn fine in them.

When you're filling up your cart, don't forget that you not only get next-level, high-quality loungewear, you get to be a good citizen of the planet. Vuori's an eco-friendly brand that uses recycled and organic materials, is carbon neutral, and manufactures its clothing ethically.

Vuori is the ultimate in versatility, aesthetics and unbeatable comfort. Their joggers will make you look effortlessly cool no matter if you're lounging on your couch or out in the world.

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