What E-reader You Need For Every Situation

There are options you need know about it

If you're an avid reader, like me, then you need to have a book on you at all times or you'll be pulling your hair out. That's always been a problem for the world traveler. Books are dense so trekking around with the extra weight has never been feasible. Enter, the E-reader. Sent from whatever deity you choose to pray to, or Amazon if you worship them like I do, the e-reader solved the reading world travelers' conundrum. But, it presented a whole new puzzle; which e-reader should I buy? Fear not valued reader, I will list the best bellow, along with their attributes and best uses, so that your choice is made easier.

Amazon Kindle Oasis

For the one who can put their money where their mouth is: The Kindle Oasis. Officially dubbed the Cadillac of E-readers, by me, just now, The Kindle Oasis is everything you could want in an E-reader. The device is smaller than every other kindle, in size and weight, and yet has a much larger battery life and storage capacity. The battery will last for 8 weeks and the storage capacity can hold thousands of books. I'm a little light headed just thinking about it. The Kindle Oasis is best for either the professional traveler who spends months trekking through the desert or the person who doesn't mind spending too much money in preparation for their "glamping" trip.

Kobo Aura H2O

HA! Not all the entries on here are Kindles! It really shows how far E-readers have come that there are companies outside of Amazon that are legitimate contenders for best E-reader. There is one VERY important reason why, of course, The Kobo Aura H2O is waterproof. That's right, waterproof. This means that my many dreams of reading under a waterfall or, more realistically, in the shower, can finally come true! Kobo themselves claim that the Aura H2O can be trapped under water, up to two meters, for thirty minutes, without any lasting harm being incurred on the device. That brings a tear to my eye, it's so beautiful. The Kobo Aura H2O is perfect for the traveler who occasionally finds himself in India during peak monsoon season or the clumsy person who just wants to read in the bath.

Amazon Kindle

The most basic and, what I believe to be, the most beautiful E-reader available: The Amazon Kindle. The first E-reader developed, and my favorite by far, the Amazon Kindle is inferior to almost every other E-reader contender. It has less memory and battery life than the Oasis, isn't waterproof like the Kobo, and is uglier than both of them by far. What sets this piece of technology apart is the price. It's $60 on Amazon right now! I've had 11 Kindles because I keep breaking them on trips. It's disposable but I love it all the more for this. If you are someone who breaks his devices all the time, me, then this is the E-reader for you!


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