I Tried Honeylove. Here’s What Happened.

The wedding season to end all wedding seasons has arrived; all of my 2020 bride friends got moved to this year, and all my friends in long-term relationships got engaged recently, so I have an explosion of events in the next few months.

So, it's time to plan out some outfits!

After a long hiatus of not wearing pants, let alone cocktail dresses, there are pieces in my closet I'd love to wear that still fit but don't look the same after a year of working out less.

All I'd want is a little shapewear to smooth everything out, but I tried that once and it was awful - I bought something from a department store and it was moving so much during the night, I ended up peeling it off my body and throwing it in the trash. It was so restrictive after I ate and kept rolling down.

I texted one of my group chats if anyone had any advice, and one girl said she'd tried every shapewear brand on the planet and was obsessed with Honeylove. I was wary of trying a new brand, but I had asked, so I took a look at the website; I liked that their models were of different shapes and sizes, and they really are size-inclusive; they range from XS to 3X.

But ughhh, I dreaded doing the whole ordering-a-bunch-of-sizes-and-sending-them-all-back thing, until I saw their size quiz. You input your measurements, and they have explicit instructions on how to take your waist size, so it's perfect. Even if I did choose the wrong size, they have 30-day free returns. Fine.

Honeylove sells bodysuits, bras, tanks, briefs, shorts, and even shaping thongs. There's something for every type of outfit. To start, I liked the coverage of the SuperPower Shorts. They come in multiple colors, so they can work for any skin tone to be invisible under an outfit, but I liked the criss-cross mesh Runway color the best.

I was still worried it would roll down every time I sat down (which would be happening a lot during all those wedding ceremonies and toasts), but I took the plunge and put in the order, ready to send it back if it didn't pass the test.

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When my package arrived, I was first impressed by the material. It didn't feel cheap or like I'd rip a hole in it on my first time.

Putting my legs into the holes, I noticed that there was a gusset opening to make going to the bathroom super easy, which would be nice for a long event.

Stretching the shorts over my thighs, I actually liked the compression feeling; I felt supported instead of constricted. It went up past my belly button, all the way to just below my chest. It passed the first test; I could breathe!

I sat up and down a few times and was even more impressed. It didn't budge. Honeylove'sSoftFlex structures in the side seams really work to keep it staying up. Nothing digs into your sides and I even felt some support with my posture. A little extra help to stop me from slouching in pictures, an added bonus.

I walked around my home and checked in the mirror; it looked great! Smooth hourglass frame. I put a dress on top and felt confident; it looked exactly how I wanted it to look.

Now that I'm not going to be picking at my clothes all night, I am so excited to see all my friends for the first time in forever! I've got a ton of amazing events with amazing people coming up, and with Honeylove, I'm excited to present the most confident version of myself.

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