Everything You Won’t Find In Your Bar Of Dr. Squatch

Calling all dudes!

It’s finally time to ditch that old bar soap from the drugstore, especially once we tell you what’s in it.

There are a collection of common ingredients found in bar soaps that have been associated with a number of health risks related to reproduction, growth, and development concerns.

“But it’s all I’ve ever used!”

We get it – we were like you once. But after discovering all the harsh ingredients we’d been lathering up with, we made the switch to Dr. Squatch. Dr. Squatch is a personal care and wellness brand revolutionizing how guys stay clean and cool by creating essentials for men that are natural, long-lasting, and smell fantastic.

Looking to give up that cruddy soap that smells like cheap aftershave, but aren’t sure where to start?

No worries.

Our editors got together and compiled a go-to guide on everything you need to look out for in your soap:

1. Petroleum

Many petroleum-based products are used to help seal moisture in the skin. However, petroleum can clog pores and keep the skin from breathing. Not to mention there have also been reports of petroleum being contaminated by carcinogens during the processing stage.

2. Parabens

Parabens are preservatives found in almost 75% of health and beauty products in the market. Used to preserve products, parabens have also been linked to hormonal disruptions, breast cancer, increased skin aging, and DNA damage.

3. Triclosan and Triclocarban

Added to anti-bacterial soaps and body washes to prevent contamination, this is another common ingredient. The FDA has come forward banning the use of these two ingredients due to long-term health effects.

4. Siloxanes

Commonly in moisturizers, deodorants, and windshield wiper coating, siloxanes have now been linked to disruptions in growth, fertility, and overall energy, even in small doses.

5. Synthetic Fragrance

We understand it's hard to find soap without fragrance or perfume on the list of ingredients; however, it isn’t impossible. Synthetic fragrances can include a number of harsh chemicals, which isn’t worth the risk – not when Dr. Squatch uses natural ingredients.

Plus, everything from Dr. Squatch is made in the USA and they utilize the traditional cold process, which allows all of their soaps to retain natural glycerin and nutrients in each bar without the need for harsh chemicals and synthetic preservatives.

Dr. Squatch offers 15+ unique scents for every type of man and they also release limited edition scents to change things up, so keep an eye out! Our office favorites are their Coconut Castaway and Alpine Sage scents.

Bonus: Their site has tons of bundles that can save you up to 30% on your purchase. No need to spend an arm and leg on quality soap that leaves you feeling like a champion. Did we forget to mention you can have everything delivered right to your door?

If you’re looking to level up your shower game without excess products or harsh ingredients, we recommend you check out Dr. Squatch’s soaps, shampoos, and even deodorants

Don’t wait until your skin is dried out from your old soap. Switch to Dr. Squatch for all your personal care needs!

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