Wheelchair Accessible Vacation Ideas in the U.S.

Unfortunately, some locations around the country aren't wheelchair accessible.

If you're planning a vacation with a friend or family member who uses a wheelchair, it's important to consider their needs when picking the destination. You can plan a fully wheelchair accessible trip to multiple exciting destinations.

With some research and some creativity and inspiration, you can take an exciting trip that will stay in everyone's memories forever.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is home to some of the world's most famous casinos and nightlife attractions—and most of them are easy for those with mobility disabilities to access. If you're planning a vacation for adults, try your luck in a Las Vegas casino or catch a live show that you'll all enjoy. Make good use of the strip's monorail to stay out of the Nevada heat. Take in some of the country's greatest restaurants and treat yourself to at least one fancy dinner!

If the city wears you and your group down, make the drive down to the Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon National Park is famous for being one of the most accessible national parks—and it's far away from the lights and sounds of the city.

An Accessible Road Trip

When you're searching for a vacation that avoids all the tourist hotspots, sometimes a multi-stop road trip is the answer you need. Road trips allow you to get as creative as you want with your destinations and any pit stops along the way—the journey is the most exciting part.

Consider visiting some of the most accessible states to make your itinerary easy to plan and research. Pick out some of those states' famously accessible attractions to fill up your schedule. Keep your road trip as close or as far from home as you want—either type of vacation will be fun for everyone.

Disney World

Disney theme parks have made great strides in accessibility for those with mobility disabilities or injuries. Many rides across their parks provide ample accommodations for users of wheelchairs. While the rides at Disney World may be appealing to some guests, others just enjoy walking or rolling through their many unique landscapes and worldly attractions.

When planning a Disney trip, you can opt to stay at one of their many on-property resorts. These resorts also provide accommodations when needed. You'll also have access to the company's modes of transportation—from buses to monorails to ferries, you'll have plenty of accessible options to choose from when you need to park-hop.

All these wheelchair accessible vacation ideas require careful planning and may not be possible until traveling is safe again. Check to make sure that attractions are open and look into any pandemic safety requirements before you solidify your plans.


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