Lately, the days have been blurring together, and life just feels same ol', same ol'.

Shaking things up every now and then is necessary, but that doesn't have to mean booking a trip across the world. Maybe an international reset isn't in the cards right now, but there are still so many safe, wonderful options for recharging.

We've put together a quiz to help you find a safe, fun place to rest and recharge.

Take it to see what journey awaits you.

According to Getaway's Journal posts, there is a flexible cancellation policy and they have numerous measures to ensure that all cabins are safe and clean. There's no human interaction needed, it's self check-in and check-out with no front desk, so it's as simple as driving straight from your home to the cabin.

Plus, they've intensified their cleaning procedures in line with CDC recommendations to ensure that the cabins are as safe as can be. They're completely secluded as well, at least 50-150 ft away from each other.

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