How often do you pair your glasses with your outfits? Or are you a one-pair-only person? Lately, it's become fashionable to treat your glasses as an accessory. Did you know that people who don't even need glasses will now wear them because they think it looks good? People are starting a new trend and so designers are creating more styles for everyone.

I've been wearing the same pair for years; maybe not the same exact pair, but the same general style. My sister recently got new glasses that are different than what she'd normally go for and she looked great. This got me thinking--how is it that I love fashion but I never think to change my glasses? I own dozens of shoes, I constantly change my hair, and am always trying new makeup looks, but I'm still wearing the same glasses. For me, it usually came down to price. I can't afford to buy 5 pairs of glasses when they cost £350+ each. My sister felt the same way until she discovered Ace & Tate. I was shocked when she told me she got her new glasses for only £98, including prescription lenses (!), so I started my own search for new eyewear.

Ace & Tate is helping make glasses more accessible so people can change their look as often as they like. I normally base my decision on price and quality, and Ace & Tate provides exactly that. They make various styles with different materials, colours, and shapes, and the cost is always £98, regardless of prescription for single vision glasses. There are no hidden fees and shipping is always free, with a 30-day guarantee if you change your mind.

I usually like to go for a modern, minimalist look, but I wanted to find a few pairs that would help me stand out. I loved the idea that I could switch up my look simply by changing my glasses and could dress them up or down depending on my outfit and the occasion. On the site, I sorted by material, shape, and colour to narrow down my selection. Because of my big head, I opted for a medium to large fit, and for material (acetate, metal, combi, and titanium), I was open to anything because I wanted my glasses to be distinctly different that what I've always worn.

It can be hard to tell what a pair of glasses will look like on you without actually trying them on, so Ace & Tate has a bunch of options to accommodate you. You can open the camera on your phone or computer and see exactly what you would look like with the Virtual Try On, a new software changing the industry. Or, you can select four pairs for their free Home Try-on service . I didn't want to wait for the home try-on, so I sifted through my top five favourites via the Virtual Try On!

I couldn't decide between the Pierce Metal Temple in Olive Gradient (combi material with shades of green and classic round shape) and the Wes in Tiger Wood (a larger, rounded design with tortoise-shell frames). I ended up choosing both since they were completely different and could be worn with so many outfits.

Since getting the glasses, I've been rotating the two pairs almost daily. I even bought an additional metal pair called the Neil for a more minimal, contemporary aesthetic. The best part is, the price and quality. Ace & Tate has made it easy for me to express myself and change up my look without having to spend a fortune on new glasses. For less than the cost of my old pair, I was able to buy three quality pairs of glasses, and I don't think there's any beating that! My glasses make me feel confident and fashionable, and what more could you want?

Check out Ace & Tate for your next new pair!


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