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Pettable Vs. The Competition — Why I Chose Pettable For My Pet’s ESA Letter

Editor's Note: Moving to a new home can be both exciting and challenging. And for those like me with furry companions — whose love and support are an invaluable part of our lives. Many landlords have a no-pet policy, but thankfully, I qualified for an ESA (emotional support animal) and received my legitimate ESA letter from Pettable. Keep reading to find out about the ESA letter process and my experience using Pettable…

My Search For An ESA Letter:

Moving to a new house without my emotional support dog, Roxy, was out of the question. Roxy isn't just a pet; she helps alleviate my anxiety and is essential to my well-being. However, violating any landlord's "no pets" policy would only make me more anxious.

I figured that the smartest option was obtaining an Emotional Support Animal Letter (ESA Letter). When I looked at different companies, US Service Animals seemed to be the most popular. But their referral time was 27 hours and I couldn't talk to a real person — so I could totally be talking to a bot.

I really didn’t like that so US Service Animals was out. Then I checked out Support Pets, but it takes 48 hours for a doctor to approve the letter. And they don't allow my landlord to contact the doctor with any questions. This wasn't the best fit either, to say the least.

Since moving day was coming soon, I needed a real solution and fast. The third company I came across was Pettable, which gives you a chance to talk to a clinician directly — a win in my book. Plus, they have 4.7 stars on TrustPilot and 4500+ reviews.

I was super impressed with glowing reviews like:

"My experience with Pettable was fast and easy! The letter was exactly what I needed. Spencer and I couldn't be happier!" by Joseph (Cat Parent)

And . . .

"Everyone was so helpful, and the process was so quick and painless. You don't have to jump through a ton of hoops to get the help you need verifying your ESA!" by Jillian (Dog Parent)

totally convinced me to give Pettable a try.

My Experience With Pettable:

Pettable simplifies and streamlines the process significantly. A brief 3-minute assessment helped me choose the optimal ESA letter option. After completing the consent forms, I had a scheduled appointment with an experienced clinician who understands how integral Roxy is to me. This live over the phone consultation is what made Pettable truly legitimate in my eyes.

Once approved, I could access the letter through my online portal. It contains all necessary information and license numbers for landlord verification — something other services lacked.

Pettable’s ESA letter costs $149. Although this is a bit more than other services, for the support they provide, it's so worth it. And they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if I don't qualify for a letter after talking to a therapist or if my landlord doesn’t accept it, empowering me to hold them accountable under the circumstances.

I have Roxy at the minute, but if I get another dog in the future, it's good to know that Pettable accommodates up to two pets per ESA letter for no additional charge. The ESA letters can be ready in 24 hours, but if I'm in a rush — like I was now — all I have to do is click the "Express Service" option when checking out.

Final Thoughts

The best part is the legitimacy of Pettable's ESA letter. Their Licensed Mental Health Professionals are fully qualified and precisely understand my needs. And the letter’s detailed— not just a PDF template like the other companies send you.

Pettable also put me in contact with a real clinician who ensured I met the qualifications and answered all my questions and received my letter in 24 hours. Renewing my ESA Letter yearly will be hassle-free since I can talk to the same clinician.

If you are to move and avoid heartless "no pets allowed" policies, use Pettable and get your ESA letter today.