At First I Was Skeptical, But Now I Love My Customized Hair Care

My hair's been through a lot over the years. I've dyed it, bleached it, then dyed it again. And again. I've taken every type of styling wand to it. As you can imagine, my hair is fried, frazzled, and full of split ends.

Lately, I'm trying to be kinder to my hair. I've stopped bleaching, dyeing, and straightening it, which has helped me discover just how crazy-frizzy my hair naturally is. And I am horrified.

I've learned that only satin pillowcases can soften my frizz, and I must wash my hair in the morning, 'cause if I go to bed with wet hair, I'll wake up looking like a Wookie. I've tried hair masks, serums, and expensive conditioners, but the results never lasted. And they were so expensive I couldn't afford to keep up the treatments.

When my friend told me about Function of Beauty - personalized shampoo and conditioner based on your hair needs - I seriously doubted it could tame my wild mane. I was convinced nothing could fix the trauma my hair's been through.

But Function of Beauty's hair care products start at only $36, so I gave it a shot.

I took a quick quiz about my hair type and decided on five hair goals - I chose a deep condition, fix split ends, hydrate, strengthen, and anti-frizz. That's four more than any other brand I've used. But how can one formula tackle so many issues? I was skeptical, but the quiz was fun, so I kept going.

Next up, I chose a fragrance and color for my shampoo and conditioner. Their custom bottles have my name on them! Now maybe my roommates will stop stealing my shampoo.

Function of Beauty offer 16oz shampoo + 16oz conditioner for $49. There's also an 8oz shampoo + 8oz conditioner for $39. I chose the small as I was still on the fence.

They also offer a subscription so I won't forget my formula or worry about refills, and they automatically ship straight to my door every one, two, or three months.

To my surprise, my hair improved almost immediately. The frizziness reduced dramatically and my hair was shinier and soft. Function of Beauty actually does what it says it will do - at a fraction of the cost of salon-sold products.

The best thing about a Function of Beauty subscription is I can switch it out - Personally, my hair dries up in the summer and gets oily in the winter, so my formula will be changing for sure. I moved to bi-monthly cause that's the perfect amount for my hair needs.

And they always email me before shipping so I can update my info if needed. When I saw they had a new leave-in treatment for only $19, I ordered it straight away - after their shampoo and conditioner literally saved my hair, I trust any Function of Beauty product will do wonders.

I was hesitant to try Function of Beauty - I didn't think just one product could fix all my hair problems - but boy, am I glad I tried it. I finally have a haircare formula just for me!

My entire experience has been exceptional because they really care about their customers. It feels great knowing that this company caters to all hair types (there's 54 trillion possible formulations!) while staying paraben free, sulfate free, cruelty-free, and 100% vegan. Now that's something I can get behind!

My hair is happier and healthier than its been in years - maybe healthy enough to dye again? 😜

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