Why Our Editors Can’t Stop Raving About Hairstory

Summer’s coming and while all of you are busy booking your travel plans early, you might want to get a haircare routine in the works that’s built to last the season.

For shiny, healthy-looking hair that can stand up to the stresses of summertime - the sun, the sand, the ocean, and the pool… look no further than Hairstory.

The shampoo & conditioner replacement, New Wash, is our go-to for so many reasons, but we managed to narrow down our top five.

Here’s why we love Hairstory’s New Wash:

It’s Detergent-Free

Most hair care companies brag about no sulfates, but Hairstory takes it one step further. In addition to ditching the sulfates, New Wash contains no harmful detergents that could strip the scalp of oils and leave you in a grease-inducing cycle.

New Wash consists of naturally-derived ingredients designed to help your hair and the environment. This delightfully-scented formula blends gentle essential oils with powerhouse ingredients such as strengthening keratin and moisturizing aloe barbadensis leaf juice to create this fan-favorite.

Real Results For All Hair Types

If New Wash didn’t work, we wouldn’t be raving about it. It’s suitable for all hair types including super curly and grey, and truly delivers the best hair you’ve ever had.

Here’s what customers have to say:

Been in a bad relationship with my hair my whole life… I tried the original New Wash and while I was rinsing it out I noticed a texture to my hair that I never felt before. It felt clean but soft and when it dried it was so shiny and bouncy and smooth…The price is worth it to finally love my hair. THANK YOU!!” - Tresha H.

Magic. This product changed the way I feel about my hair and, subsequently, myself. I'm not kidding… Idk how this product does what it does, but I'm a believer and am preaching to anyone who will listen. Make the switch, it is so worth it!” - Mariah M.

This wash is amazing. It leaves my hair easy to comb through, and the smell is wonderful. I follow it with Hair Balm and then Lift, and I could not be happier. Customer for life!” - Amanda B.

One-Step Solution

Since New Wash both cleanses and conditions, you get to skip a step in the shower! This is all you need to maintain a healthy scalp. Healthier hair means less frequent hair washing, more time between washes, and even more time living your life.

Subscription & Refill Club

Once you’re happy with your New Wash, simply set up a subscription so it automatically arrives on a regular basis. You’ll never be without - plus, there are additional savings on larger orders! Hairstory also sends refills in non-plastic containers so you’ll cut down on plastic usage, which is great for everybody.

Styling Arsenal

Sure, New Wash is the innovative darling, but professionals also adore the Hair Balm, Powder, Hair Oil, and Hairstory’s other fantastic styling products. Made with the same reverence for natural formulas, each product helps with texture, lift, and de-frizzing.

Hairstory gets it right; high-quality products that deliver precisely what they promise.

PSA: For some people, there’s an initial period of a few weeks where their hair’s adjusting to the lack of detergents, and it might be greasier than usual. So hop on Hairstory and get that potential phase over with before summer’s social season kicks off!

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