Why Spring Is The Perfect Time To Sign Up For HelloFresh

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Did you find yourself in a slump during the winter months? That may be because we spent them indoors, lounging around on the sofa, stuck in poor eating habits so we can't remember the last time we felt good.

With spring approaching, it's time for a fresh start towards more balanced eating. We're tired of overspending in the supermarket, having the same meals on repeat, and eating too much takeaway. We needed an efficient and affordable way to incorporate fresh produce into our diet. But who has the time and energy to think of a new dish every evening?

That's when we started considering HelloFresh, one of the most popular recipe boxes in the world. Intrigued, our editors decided to put it to the test, so we signed up.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to try HelloFresh this Spring:

1.Variety of Recipes

HelloFresh offers a distinctive array of 100 recipes each month, including seasonal recipes, so we’re never stuck for choice. From Street Food favourites, to Premium dishes, low-calorie dinners, and quick 20-minute meals, HelloFresh lets us dive into a world of culinary adventure.

We can indulge in a Roast Potato, Bacon and Crispy Kale Salad one day, savour the flavours of North Indian Style Lamb and Lentil Curry the next, and embark on a journey to Mexico with Chicken, Halloumi, and Pepper Skewers – the options are endless. Fantastic meals like this taste far better than our favourite takeaways. The ingredients are outstanding and we’re cooking ourselves!

2. Ultimate Convenience

HelloFresh delivers everything we need straight to our door. We select our recipes every week, then sit back and let HelloFresh handle the rest. No need for meal planning or prepping — each box arrives with pre-portioned, locally sourced ingredients and easy-to-follow recipe cards, making dinnertime a breeze.

3. Say Goodbye to the Supermarket

Part of why we could never cook fresh meals was because shopping for quality ingredients took up too much time. With HelloFresh, there's no need to make multiple trips to the supermarket. They provide us everything from fresh produce to spices and seasonings, delivered to our doorstep.

And by sending precisely the right amount of each ingredient, HelloFresh helps us reduce food waste! They even offer breakfast and lunch options now, cutting down your supermarket trips even more.

4. Budget-Friendly Options

Our takeaway habits were burning a hole in our wallets, and we were afraid that eating well would really break the bank. But with HelloFresh, it doesn't have to. Their meals start at only £3.15 per serving — even less with our offer (scroll down). HelloFresh isn’t just good for you but also good for your wallet.

5. Flexibility at Our Fingertips

With HelloFresh, we can tailor our meal plan to suit our needs. When we need to skip a week, pause our subscription, or opt out altogether, the choice is ours.

Final Thoughts

We were sceptical at first whether this new approach to dinner time would work for us. However, HelloFresh has completely transformed our eating habits. Instead of takeaway and readymade dinners we’re cooking nutritious meals with fresh ingredients every evening.

And did we mention how delicious they are? With delish cuisines from around the world, their menu never disappoints. We’re cooking so many new dishes while saving serious money.

If you’re looking to give your eating habits a “spring clean”, try HelloFresh. With a world of recipes, fresh ingredients, and affordable plans, it's the dinnertime solution you've been searching for – all conveniently wrapped up in a box.

FOR OUR READERS: Get 60% OFF HELLOFRESH - limited time only! Follow this link to order now!

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