Why You Shouldn't Travel with Friends

If the Cheetah Girls had trouble making it work, is it worth it for you to try to travel with your friends?

Traveling with friends can be your worst nightmare. It may sound like the ideal situation when you think about partying together in Mykonos or swimming in Thailand, but once you're there, it's an entirely different ball game. Between differences in budgets, personalities, living styles, and priorities, your travel experience could be completely ruined by your friend—whether that's because you're dragging your drunk friend away from a sexy stranger or skipping meals after spending too much money on last night's dinner because your friend wanted to go somewhere "nice." When it comes to ruining friendships, traveling with a friend can do more damage than living with one.

More Money, More Problems


No one wants to waste time settling who owes who how much or have uncomfortable conversations about who can afford to go where. When you're traveling, you want to experience everything on your terms, because it may be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Compromise Can Be Inconvenient

Whoever you travel with, compromises will be made. One day, you might want to go out and explore the landscape while your friend wants to lay on the beach and read. The next day, your friend may want to buy tickets for a fun tour that you cannot afford. Everything you do on your trip will be dependent in some way on your friend.

You're Stuck to Each Other


Traveling with friends can mean you're tied down to each other 24/7 to ensure each other's safety in a new, strange land. Nearly every day you will be walking side by side, sleeping in close quarters, eating together, seeing the world together—if that wouldn't drive you crazy, then you're not human.

Additionally, whenever you're experiencing a new place, you have the chance to go out, explore, and meet new people. When you're with a friend, not only can your social sphere be limited, but you're also preoccupied by looking out for both yourself and your friend.


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