9 of the World's Most Unconventional Hotels

These hotels will make better stories than any night at the Plaza.

Why stay in a regular hotel when you can stay inside an empty wine casket, or an igloo that will melt as soon as the spring comes? These extraordinary hotels cost anywhere from $40,000 to $50 per night, and are located all over the world, but they all share the ability to provide you with a very unique story to tell. Read on to discover some of the world's most unusual hotels, perfect for anyone looking to get off the beaten path (and possibly into a coffin).

9. Propellor Island City Lodge, Berlin, Germany


If you ever wanted a chance to stay in a coffin before you die, unfortunately, that chance is no longer available, because this hotel has since closed—but it will live on in all of our memories and imaginations, just like many of these hotels, unless you happen to have massive amounts of disposable income.

The Propellor Island hotel was classic Berlin, in that it was aggressively avant-garde to the point of absurdity. Each room was designed by the artist Lars Stroschen, and in addition to the coffin room (which also contains an underground labyrinth), there was also a floating bed, a rotating circular bed, a room inspired by prison cells, and so much more.


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