Wynwood: a never-ending Art Basel

Miami's arts district is a hip, tropical dreamscape

Miami's art scene undoubtedly comes alive when Art Basel comes to town, bringing the best of today's artists to the Magic City. This isn't to say that post-Basel Miami becomes culturally desolate––both Little Haiti, with its burgeoning music scene, and Little Havana, home to the famous Calle Ocho and Cafe Versailles, debunk such assumptions. Miami is also rich in museums and gallery spaces. You'll find most of the latter in the city's Wynwood district, a sprawling neighborhood known for its eye-popping murals.

The eponymous Wynwood walls, designed by several local and international artists, became known for their sheen and eclectic mix of images. You'll find everything from an animalistic geisha to a giant green baby. The famous walls, which also include a collection deep within them, that has a few Warhol prints, aren't exclusive to the area most tourists flock to.

The area has commissioned walls that adorn the outside of shops, varying graffiti work from local artists and large-scale, complex murals. Even the parking lots boast graffiti that blurs the line between fine and street art. Take it all in as you hop between pop-up galleries and DIY shops, which are on an infinite rotation in this particularly lively neighborhood.

Great art aside, the bountiful selection of restaurants, cafes, and food trucks will keep any foodie on their toes, and there are so many apart from the famous Joey's. There's a small enclave that comes alive on weekends and holds a variety of food trucks including the Wynwood Parlor, a.k.a. The people who brought rolled ice cream to Miami––and yes, it's as good as it sounds. Wynwood is also crawling with great bars and lounges, the perfect pre-game to a night out in the area. Be sure to check out the Electric Pickle, a club with Greek statues that has brought in some of the biggest names in techno, and dance the night away among locals.

Just because Art Basel is over doesn't mean you don't have a reason to go all the way off while surrounded by Miami's vibrant local arts scene. Grab a microbrew, put on your best pair of Museum Collection Doc Martens (or whatever look won't make you feel like a tourist), and take a long walk through this candy-colored tropical paradise.

For more information on Wynwood, visit the district's official website.


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