Yumi - The Mom-Approved Baby Food Your Kids Will Love

Each child is absolutely unique, which means there's no one-size-fits-all plan when it comes to food your kids will enjoy. Not to mention attempting to incorporate lean proteins, superfoods, and other sources of vital nutrition into their diets can be tricky.

Of course, this only makes cooking meals quite a challenge for parents. That's why our editors are happy we found healthy and amazingly tasty food your children will love.

During one of our searches, we came across Yumi - a baby and kid food subscription company that delivers nutritious baby food right to your door. Yumi has everything from purees to kids' snacks, and vitamins. It's perfect for parents whose baby is transitioning from milk to solids.

The company is USDA Certified Organic and never uses pre-processed purees like other baby brands. Yumi's a stand-out brand because they don't use any additives, which can pull in arsenic and other toxins from the soil! All of Yumi's blends are free from sugars, preservatives, and are GMO-free.

No need to take our word, check out why these parents love Yumi:


"Fresh, the taste is authentic. I can tell nothing is added to it, which makes me feel great about giving it to my baby. He's so precious to me, so giving him healthy food is very important." – Cassandra


"All of your baby food is amazing. My little guy is so spoiled and gobbles it up."- Christine Brooks


"Convenience & peace of mind that my granddaughter is getting quality & nutritious meals"- Theresa Hopkins-Johnson.


"It's convenient and easy. And I don't have to wonder if my baby is getting the nutrients she needs."– Emily Canterbury


"Yumi is so yummy!!"– Jill Reid

Yumi meals start at $3.75 a serving and they offer free shipping! So you won't have to pay an arm and a leg just to feel confident that you're feeding your little ones the very best.

Sign up for Yumi today and stop worrying about the safety of your child's food. It's time to start feeding your baby premium, affordable food that will help them grow up healthy and strong.

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