Why We’re Shopping For Holiday Parties at 1Sansome

The brand making fall fashion exciting again

It's time — yes, finally — for holiday parties to make their triumphant return!

This holiday season, the stakes are high. After a year deprived of social interaction, the holidays will bring you all the people you missed, and you'll be hitting every party to make up for lost time.

So when October 1st came around this year, suddenly Jack O-Lanterns were winking at me from every window and all the talk turned to Christmas trees. I shared in the fall fervor. The biggest draw of the holiday season? The variety of parties!

While we're excited to break out the chunky sweaters, the flannels, and all the fall layers, holiday parties truly inspire us to go all out and find all our glamor and glitter. It's time to revel in the more dramatic get-ups that the season allows — smoky eyes and all.

Whenever we're getting ready to go out, my friends and I always reference the seminal 2000's Jessica Simpson hit song, "A Public Affair." The infectious tune has made its way onto all our playlists and when it comes on, together we sing : "All the girls stepping out for a public affair ..." and so on and so on until we are filled with energy and anticipation for the night.

Jessica Simpson - A Public Affair (Official Video)www.youtube.com

Listening to the song also helps manifest the versions of ourselves we want to be on our nights out — the kind of girls we want to be as we step out for our public affairs.

This year, we've decided to flaunt those versions of ourselves that don't hold anything back! We're bold, confident, unafraid to make a statement. Shopping with that vision in mind led me to 1Sansome, a fashion-forward brand bringing the latest fashion trends to your closet.

Inspired by the street style in big cities, 1Sansome clothes make daring trends accessible to you and your lifestyle. From cut-out dresses to cropped jackets, their fall line-up has something for every person, every occasion, and every style — all at affordable price points.

1Sansome is my go-to shop for holiday outfit planning. Whatever the season throws at me, whatever stunning outfit I need, I'm always inspired by 1Sansome pieces, which encourage me to step out into the world in my best, bold 'fits!

Want to feel confident at every seasonal celebration? Here are the holiday bash essentials you need from 1Sansome:

Elastic Waist Leopard Print Ruffled Maxi ($16.99)

Every spring, I unpack my florals and pastels with Meryl Streep — The Devil Wears Prada Meryl Streep — ringing in my ears. You know the scene — her character, Miranda Priestly, looks a rack of clothing up and down and says, her voice dripping with sarcasm, "Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking." Yet, despite the judgement in that iconic moment, spring and summer florals remain ubiquitous in all our wardrobes.

In the same way, fall is the time to be outrageously playful with print. Break out your striped sweaters, gingham and plaid shirts, and your animal print. This Elastic Waist Leopard Print Ruffled Maxi is a floor-sweeping, statement skirt that embraces the best of fall's splendor. The fierceness of the leopard print will carry you into any room in stride.

Lapel Neck Cut Out Back Overlay Blazer ($28.99)

Fall clothing is notoriously capricious. Instead of struggling to balance fashion and function, you can have it all! In the fall, you don't have to go to the summer extreme of disguising sweat stains, nor are you zippered up like in winter. Layers mean you're always dressed for the weather, no matter what.

Add some spice to your fall lineup with the Lapel Neck Cut Out Back Overlay Blazer. This fashion-forward look is business in the front, party in the back. It's giving girlboss — in the best way! As blazers make their way from office garb — you know, now that we're not in the office — to casual settings, get ahead of the trend. Show off your professional side and your party side without compromising!

Drawstring Split Thigh Skirt ($16.99)

A midi-skirt is a fall essential. And while a pencil skirt style might feel too buttoned-up for a party, that's not the case with this Drawstring Split Thigh Skirt. The drawstring enhances the skirt's silhouette, while the daring thigh slit is a winner at sister in law's annual gingerbread making contest. That'll show them!

Make a subtle statement with this neutral color that says winter, while this asymmetrical piece shows you're not afraid to take risks. Become your fantasy self and charm everyone at your holiday parties as you float around with the unmatchable confidence this unique skirt will give you.

Off the Shoulder Lantern Sleeve Slit Hem Metallic Bodycon Dress ($23.99)

If the Off the Shoulder Lantern Sleeve Slit Hem Metallic Bodycon Dress sounds like a lot, it's because it is. And that's exactly the dramatic vibe we want to bring to this year's holiday season. This dress combines varying styles and will make you truly stand out.

The lantern sleeves are fall-ready, giving … Jack O'Lantern — but sexy! To contrast the wider sleeves, the structured bodice hints at the corset trend adding shape to the dress. The skirt has a short, elegant slit which makes the shape just edgy enough to match the metallic material. You'll be the life of the party, the belle of the ball — even disco balls will seem dull next to you!

1Sansome believes that everyone should have access to the season's hottest, buzziest trends and that fashion shouldn't be gatekept by price. Their unique designs and accessible price points make them my favorite find for all my holiday celebrations. With the Allure Box, I can shine at all those events without breaking the bank.

Jessica Simpson - A Public Affair (Official Video) - YouTube


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