Gainful: The Best Way To Get Protein Even If You're Vegan

I've been a vegan for over five years now, and I can honestly say it's been one of the best decisions I've made for my health. It's helped me eat more fruits and veggies, reduce my environmental footprint, and finally nail down the source of some of my digestive issues.

There are some difficulties with a vegan lifestyle though, like getting enough protein in my diet. Most vegans would agree that it can be hard to feel full between meals. My doctor urged me to find new ways of getting more protein in my diet (such as with meat alternatives) in order to feel more full after meals.

Since I'm someone who regularly runs and hits the gym, it's even more important that I get the right amount of protein (about 45 grams for the average female). Supplement powders are a great, convenient way to up your protein intake, but there are so few on the market that are made without animal byproducts. So when a fellow vegan friend told me about Gainful, a fully personalized protein powder, I was curious to find out more about how it works.

Gainful is a personalized protein subscription created to fit your exact fitness goals and nutritional needs. Since everyone has different dietary restrictions, Gainful is committed to providing easy-to-understand explanations about why each ingredient is included in your blend and has a seamless way to find out exactly what you're looking for. They use an online quiz that includes a few simple questions about your preferences, which they use to quickly figure out the right blend for you with the help of dietitians, food scientists, and athletes.

For me, that meant inputting basic facts like weight, height, and activity level, plus the very important fact that I'm vegan. In a few short clicks, I saw my "perfect blend" on my Gainful profile, which included a full breakdown of ingredients, nutrition facts, and reasons as to why it's perfect for me. My powder included organic pea protein, organic brown rice protein, and some sweetness to make it super delicious. Gainful included a detailed explanation about why each ingredient is included in my blend. In my case, they explained that brown rice protein is one of the most easily digestible options.

I knew Gainful's blend would help satisfy my vegan protein woes, so I ordered the 30-serving subscription package. I first tried the powder after a grueling spin class. I always look for something that's going to re-energize and refuel me, which usually falls flat, but the Gainful powder helped me feel satiated, even after the super intense workout. Plus, it felt like a treat because I was basically drinking a sweet chocolate shake after my workout!

I felt satiated for a couple of hours, too, because just one scoop of the blend gave me a whopping 22g of protein! The best part was knowing I could really trust Gainful's research and commitment to giving me a 100% vegan blend. All the information I wanted was right on my dashboard and on the nutrition label, so I never had to worry if I was mistakenly consuming meat products or drinking something that wasn't actually giving me a good source of protein.

I've now been using my Gainful protein for a few weeks, and can't explain how much easier it's been to get my protein fix. Before, I would search far and wide for vegan protein powders because the brands I had tried in the past tasted chalky and not sweet enough at all. With Gainful, I get enough protein and it tastes delicious - perfect for a meat-free gal like me.

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