4 Black Travel Content Creators to Inspire Your Next Trip

Following Black travel creators is a source of inspiration and affirmation

As a Black person, just the thought of travel can be testy.

From Googling "is X country racist?" and trying to gauge how friendly your AirBnb hosts will be, there are more considerations when it comes to traveling while Black than there should be.

The questions and stress can eventually take the fun out of the idea of traveling, and can even stop you in your tracks when trying to plan a trip. This paralysis and demotivation is compounded by the lack of diversity in most of the glamorous photos of a given destination.

According to Travel and Leisure: "the tourism industry still lacks diversity, from PR representatives to management, and that's part of the problem — especially since Black Americans contributed $63 billion to the tourism economy in 2018."

This is why finding sources of Black representation is so important — it lets you know that spaces are accessible for you to even aspire to. So, if you're a Black person who used to doodle the word "WANDERLUST" in the corners of your notebooks, following Black travel creators can be a source of inspiration and affirmation.

Whether you're looking for places to add to your bucket list, luxury stays to add to your Pinterest board, budget backpacking journeys to rev up your sense of adventure, or trips for booking the vacation of your dreams, there are Black creators doing everything you can imagine — and keeping up exciting Instagram aesthetics as they do it.

And while many travelers and content creators took a break from jet setting during the pandemic (rightfully so), with most people getting vaccinated and borders reopening, we're back to living vicariously through them.

Here are some of the most awe-inspiring and motivating Instagram accounts by Black travelers:

Asiyami Gold

With over 312k Instagram followers, Asiyami Gold is a season Black travel creator who takes the most unreal shots of herself all over the world. She's also a creative director and recently a documentarian and producer. She even pivoted to home and lifestyle content during the pandemic, and it comes as no surprise that she is as talented at making her immediate surroundings as gorgeous her travel photography.

Hermon and Heroda Berhane of @Being_Her

Sisters Hermon and Heroda Berhane use their Instagram presence to show off their vibrant style, share their adventurous travels, and fight the stigmas that come with being both Black and deaf. The two keep up a gorgeous and informative feed that balances travel and lifestyle content with sign language reels and education about being deaf. As their bio says: "Being Black, deaf + women is not a problem to us — it's the perception that is the problem."

Skylar Marshai

Skylar Marshai is a multi-hyphenate. An entrepreneur, content creator, consultant and social strategist, photographer, storyteller and more, her Instagram is a feast of beautiful pictures and beautiful places. One thing about scrolling through Skylar's Instagram is always true: wherever she's just been, you'll want to go. From lavender fields in Provence, beaches in Aruba, or poolside in Marrakech — her photos look like stills from a romantic movie you wish was your life.

Cinneah of @Fly.nanced

If you're looking to be bougie on a budget, Cinneah of Fly.nanced creates content to help you level up your traveling game without breaking the bank. But don't get her wrong — her content does not skimp on luxury experiences or gorgeous, elaborate trips. She combines accessible personal finance information with tips on how to get deals, leverage points, and budget your money to travel the way you dream of without going broke.


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