I Tried Honeylove For The First Time. Here’s What I Thought

After some time away from any form-fitting dresses or outfits, the time has come to dust off my shapewear and see what we’re working with.

There are pieces in my closet I’d love to wear that still fit, but don’t look the same after a year of working out less and eating a few too many snacks.

After digging around in my closet for the shapewear I’d bought years ago, I unfortunately found it. It was in pretty bad shape, and all the memories of uncomfortable nights spent pulling it up after rolling down and digging into my sides flooded back to me. I just decided to throw it out and start all over.

All I want is a little shapewear to smooth everything out, but I’m not looking to sacrifice comfort for a slimmer waist.

I texted one of my group chats if anyone had any advice, and one girl said she’d tried every shapewear brand on the planet and was obsessed with Honeylove.

I was wary of trying a new brand, but I had asked, so I took a look at the website. I loved that their models were of different shapes and sizes, and they really are size-inclusive; they range from XS to 3X.

But ughhh, I dreaded doing the whole ordering-a-bunch-of-sizes-and-sending-them-all-back thing -- I don’t even know what size I am! But then, I saw their size quiz. You input your measurements, and they have explicit instructions on how to take your waist size, so you know you’re getting the perfect size for you. Even if I did choose the wrong size, they have 30-day free returns.

Honeylove sells bodysuits, bras, tanks, briefs, shorts, and even shaping thongs. There’s something for every type of outfit. To start, I liked the coverage of the SuperPower Shorts. They come in multiple colors so they can still be invisible for any skin tone, but I liked the criss-cross mesh Runway color the best.

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I was still worried it would roll down every time I sat down, and I had quite a few dinner plans with my girlfriends, so it needed to really move with my body. But, I took the plunge and put in the order, ready to send it back if it didn’t pass the test.

When my package arrived, I was first impressed by the material. It didn’t feel cheap like my previous shapewear, or like I’d rip a hole in it on my first time.

Putting my legs into the holes, I noticed that there was a gusset opening to make going to the bathroom super easy, which would be nice for the nights when dinner turned into late-night outings.

Stretching the shorts over my thighs, I actually liked the compression feeling; I felt supported instead of constricted. It went up past my belly button, all the way to just below my chest. It passed the first test; I could breathe!

I sat up and down a few times and was even more impressed. It didn’t budge. Honeylove’sSoftFlex structures in the side seams really work to keep it staying up. Nothing digs into your sides and I even felt some support with my posture. A little extra help to stop me from slouching in pictures, an added bonus.

I walked around my home and checked in the mirror; it looked great! Smooth hourglass frame. I put a dress on top and felt confident; it looked exactly how I wanted it to look.

Now that I’m not going to be picking at my clothes all night, I am so excited to see all my friends for the first time in forever! I’ve got a ton of amazing events with amazing people coming up, and with Honeylove, I’m excited to present the most confident version of myself.

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