Idyllic Beaches To Travel To This Summer

Now that the “New Year, New Me” excitement is dying down and the holiday season is already a distant memory, I’m somehow already planning out the rest of my year. Weekends are filling up with plans, but the most important months to me are the summer.

In the summer, I actually have the motivation to leave my house. I want to check off those bucket list restaurants and spas, I’m willing to go to an exhibit or two, and I’ll genuinely try to spend most of my time outdoors.

During the winter months, I spend my time dreaming about what I’m going to do in the summer. This is why now when I have virtually nothing going on, I’m visualizing what my vacations will look like.

It’s never too early to start planning your summer vacation, especially when you’re trying to save as much money as possible. I’m constantly browsing the internet for potential flights and destinations, even if it’s just for inspiration on my next vacation.

So keep saving because the summer is right around the corner. There are so many trending tropical destinations that encapsulate everything in your Mamma Mia-inspired dreams.

If you’re itching to travel like me, let’s look at the top 2024 summer destinations so far.



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Becoming increasingly popular as a venue amongst popular DJs, Tulum gives off a “Spring Break Forever” kind of vibe. Home of picturesque beaches and also the preserved ruins of the Mayan village, Coba, you can get everything you want from a trip to Tulum.

My pick is a coastal all-inclusive resort like Secrets or Mezzanine, with featured amenities like the gorgeous pool, a spa, and activities like scuba diving and cocktail classes. If you’re looking for more of a party scene, the Papaya Playa Project is known for its Beach Club and resident DJs.



Michael Tomlinson

I couldn’t talk about popular DJ joints without mentioning the Mecca: Ibiza. Ibiza is one of the most iconic party destinations for summer travel, with websites literally dedicated to keeping calendars of parties. Nightlife (and day festivities) has been famous in Ibiza since at least the 60s, and that will never change.

The Ibiza Rocks Hotel is notorious for its party culture while still delivering a nice experience. From May 12 to September 30, they’ll have jam-packed schedules filled with live music, DJs, parties, and more.

Saint Martin

St. Martin

Rajvinder Singh

The motto in Saint Martin is “Work hard, play hard”, which is just what you want to hear when you’re looking to let loose this summer. Known for their love of music and dancing, you won’t find a shortage of discotheques, nightclubs, and bars blasting a wide variety of music from disco to rock.

Hotel L'Esplanade is a beautiful Mediterranean-inspired hillside resort that will give you everything you want in a vacation getaway. With a great view of the ocean, five-star service, and plenty of nightlife activities, you’ll never want to leave.



Jeet Dhanoa

Again, I can’t have a list of idyllic summer vacation spots without Mykonos. It’s the epitome of living life Mamma Mia-style, spending days on the Greek island wasting away. If you want a celeb sighting, try any beach club like Scorpios, Nammos, or Psarou Beach.

With a consistent string of DJs playing at any given moment, Mykonos gives you the lifestyle of the rich and famous that you’ve always dreamt of.



Matthew Waring via Unsplash

Let’s face it, the Greeks know how to party. Hippies went to Ios for a good time, and decades later everyone still does it. Brother’s Hotel and Ios Resort Hotel are known for their partying, but also their amazing views, luxe amenities, and exceptional dining.

If anything, you’ll get a few good snapshots for your Instagram feed from this trip. Popular amongst people in their 20s, Ios is a spot to hit with your friends with that PTO.


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