These Cleaning Products Do Delivery: Are They Worth It?

They're eco-friendly, but I needed them to work.

All of my friends have been making the switch to environmental products lately, and I've been trying to do the same.

I've been making smarter choices about the kinds of products I buy but one thing I've been wary of is making the switch to green household cleaning products. A few of my friends have been raving about MyGreenFills, but I'm somewhat of a clean freak, so I need my cleaning products to, you know, clean.

Having said that, I've been feeling more and more guilty about the amount of plastic I was producing. Not to mention what happens to all of those toxic chemicals that end up getting flushed down the drain.

I thought I was doing the right thing by recycling it, but it turns out, it can only be repurposed 1, maybe 2 times tops...If it can even be recycled in the first place. It will eventually end up in a landfill.

Well that sucks. I've tried a couple of green cleaners before, and they definitely smelled less toxic, but they just did not work. I decided to check out the MyGreenFills site to see what kinds of products they have, and I was pretty surprised to learn a few things.

All of their products are all-natural, non-toxic and made with ingredients that clean naturally, like citric acid. Their ingredients are ethically sourced, 100% plant based and blended with essential oils

They are the last plastic bottles you will ever buy. MyGreenFills sends you the forever bottles with your first order, as well as paper sachets of product that you mix with water. Bye Bye needless plastic waste!

They have every household product you could need - glass cleaner, grease remover, furniture polish, bathroom cleaner, laundry wash, stain stick, dryer angels, machine cleaner, and even a brightening booster.

Their convenient subscription plan sends you the refills at whatever schedule is convenient for you. Plus, you can pause or cancel at any time.

MyGreenFills Laundry Wash costs just 14 cents per load and it has way more active ingredients, so it'll clean more thoroughly than any mainstream brand.

I made the switch to MyGreenFills, and I'm so glad I did. I started with their laundry wash, and I was so impressed with how clean my clothes were that I'm now signed up for their refills plan.

Their products clean better than the toxic junk I've been using for years, and I've saved money and cut down on my plastic waste drastically. Their stain stick in particular works like a charm, it even gets out grease stains. I'm so glad I made the switch!

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