2017’s best and worst places to celebrate the 4th of July

A WalletHub review

The 4th of July is closer than you may realize, so if you can plan a trip in order to celebrate the holiday in the best place possible, take some advice from WalletHub, the personal finance website, and have a real blast this Independence Day. Or if you're lucky, you already live in or near one of the site's top-choice U.S. cities to revel in the summertime excitement.

WalletHub compared the 100 largest cities in the country to determine which balances the holiday festivities the best (and the worst) when it comes to the cost vs. fun ratio. Using 18 key metrics including duration of fireworks displays, costs for beer and wine, expected weather forecast, hotel prices, safety, and other July 4th-related meaningful metrics, the best and worst cities were meticulously scored and ranked.

So before you fire up the grill and dig up those picnic blankets and lawn chairs, find out where you can celebrate with the best chance for a day to remember. Franks and burgers taste great anywhere, but why not make this Independence Day your best yet?

The top 5 best cities to celebrate, as per WalletHub's findings are:

Atlanta, GA

San Francisco, CA

Buffalo, NY

Washington, DC

San Diego, CA

And the 5 worst:

Newark, NJ

Jersey City, NJ

Gilbert, AZ

Lubbock, TX

San Bernardino, CA

Surprised that NYC wasn't in the top 5, with the massive Macy's 4th of July Fireworks display put on each year? Well, New York, NY did rank in the top 20 at number 13, but perhaps the cost for beer and wine caused New York, NY's ranking to sink. This city was the worst of the worst when it came to highest average beer and wine prices. Not a shocker. Phoenix, AZ came in on top with the best prices, so we know the residents of the area will be toasting their marshmallows along with an "adult beverage" to toast to a happy holiday with!

While Newark, NJ was ranked as one of the worst places to celebrate overall, it was found to have the fewest DUI-related deaths per capita. Maybe that's because nobody's going out to party in this city.

Not surprisingly, all of the top 5 spots for best predicted weather on the 4th are located in sunny California. The 5 worst? All in Arizona. That July heat can be brutal.

If you're seeking a budget-friendly hotel, Las Vegas is the place to be. But Honolulu, HI will cost you plenty. Then again, Hawaii isn't exactly known for its 4th of July festivities.

For the full list of rankings and more details on the cities selected, visit WalletHub.

Would you make the trip to visit one of the better-ranked spots in order to enjoy the holiday to the fullest? According to WalletHub, 44.2 million people (a record) will travel 50 or more miles from home this year for the 4th. Seems like a fun idea, but there's always a good fireworks show to tune into on TV!

Have a safe and happy holiday! May the fireworks light up the sky above you no matter where you live.


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