Perks of staying at a bed & breakfast

They're nothing like a hotel

If you are planning a trip and are struggling to decide whether to stay at a standard hotel or venture into bed & breakfast territory, it's time to ditch the concierge and check in with mom and pop instead. The bed & breakfast AKA B & B is a charming place to spend your vacation, bringing a homey and inviting feeling to your stay.

Small and rustic, a B & B makes for a different type of getaway. There's peace and quiet, wonderful service, and that sense that you are in a home away from home. Only you don't have to lift a finger.

Need more proof that staying at a B & B is the best? Check out these persuasive perks of the A+ delights of a B & B.

The breakfast!


Obviously, you're planning on staying overnight, so the idea that there will be a bed in your package is not a concern. And by the way, most beds at B & Bs are beyond comfortable and nothing like some of those hard-as-a-rock hotel beds. The sheets smell fresh, the pillows are fluffed, and you'll sleep like a baby.

But we're talking breakfast. Sure, plenty of hotels offer a free buffet in the lobby, but rubbery, cold eggs and a bowl of bran flakes isn't vacation dining at its finest. Enter the homemade breakfast you'll wake up to at your B & B. Think just out-of-the-oven muffins and scones, hot and juicy sausages, made-to-order omelets, and freshly-squeezed juices. Many B & Bs use local ingredients for the tastiest breakfast you've had in ages.

For instance, Along River Ridge Bed & Breakfast serves a gourmet spread. And breakfast is included in your nightly rate.

When they say, "Wake up and smell the coffee," they mean it!

Plenty of privacy


If you're looking for romance or just a quiet getaway, a B & B is the place to be (& be). Crowded hotels are full of hustle and bustle that make for a less-than-quaint experience. Most B & Bs have only a few rooms, so you won't be stuck in an elevator with a dozen people who can't remember which floor to get off on.

The rooms are private, and the space is peaceful. Many B & Bs are nestled upon a large lot of land too, making you feel like you're in your own special hideaway. No major highways with congestion and noise to ruin your stay. Like Superpages notes, "Unlike hotels, B & Bs are often found off the beaten path."

An inside scoop on local charms


When you stay at a B & B, there is more one-on-one service and personal attention. This way, you have time to learn what's fun to explore in the area by chatting with the owners. They can give you the inside scoop on where to dine, what to see, and how to get a true sense of the area. The "touristy" places won't make your getaway as special as it ought to be. As per Along River Ridge Bed & Breakfast, "You're more likely to have a cookie-cutter tourist experience if you stay at a hotel."

Head over to family-owned shops, dine on local favorites, and see attractions you may have never known existed. B & B owners are proud of their community and love to share the wealth with those they've had the pleasure of hosting.

Thinking of booking that B & B? Here are a few across the U.S. you'll be sure to love.

Beltane Ranch


This 19th century hillside B & B was rated "Top Luxury Farm Stay" by Forbes. It is nestled on 1,300 acres of beautiful land and there's a farm, orchard, and winery on premises.

11775 Sonoma Highway, Glen Ellen, CA


Foley House Inn


Located in the historic district of Savannah, this 19-guestroom B & B which was renovated from a mansion is elegant and charming. The breakfast is southern dining like it ought to be.

14 West Hull Street, Savannah, GA


Shinn Estate Vineyards Farmhouse Inn


Head to eastern Long Island's wine country and stay the night among the glorious grapevines. Learn about the area, eat local fresh fish, and sip some of Shinn's palate-pleasing wines.

2000 Oregon Road, Mattituck, NY


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Distillery tours went on hiatus in 2020, but there are high hopes for 2021. While bourbon leaps immediately to mind when thoughts turn to distillery tours, interest in other spirits and how they're made is increasing. Here are a few of the best tours to thrill tequila lovers.

Tequila Herradura

Ride in style on the Herradura Express, a distillery sponsored train ride that runs from Guadalajara to the town of Amatitán for a distillery tour and tastings, followed by lunch featuring live entertainment. The train then takes visitors back to Guadalajara by evening. Herradura is housed in the last tequila-producing Hacienda in the world, Hacienda San Jose del Refugio. Casa Herradura will be closed for visits and tours until Mexican health officials declare the coronavirus emergency over.

La Rojeña

Producer of Jose Cuervo, La Rojeña has a train of its own called the Jose Cuervo Express (currently on hiatus due to COVID-19) to bring visitors to the oldest distillery in the town of Tequila. Jose Cuervo offers distillery tours, tastings, and tours of the agave fields. Mundo Cuervo (Cuervo world) also has its own hotel, Solar de las Animas. Check for COVID-19 hours and restrictions before booking.

Casa Sauza

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La Cofradia

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A distillery tour offers education about tequila's history and manufacture. Bone up on your tequila terms and tips for choosing quality tequila before you go, so you'll understand what you're tasting.

We don't know how to feel about winter this year. Sure, nobody likes the cold and dreary months, but there's something special about the Holiday season that just seems to be missing. Maybe the thought of staying inside and cozying up to a nice book isn't very enticing given the last few months. The joyful winter wonderland that we usually associate with winter seems to be missing.

That's why our editors decided to take it upon themselves and spread some delight with seasonal meals, courtesy of HelloFresh. For those who don't know what HelloFresh is, it's a meal-kit delivery service with dozens of easy-to-prepare recipes to choose from. Simply select which meals you want as well as how many servings and a neatly organized cardboard box will arrive at your doorstep within the week. Nobody wants to go out in the Winter anyway, and with HelloFresh, you don't have to!

To celebrate the arrival of the coldest season, we decided to highlight some of our favorite (and heartiest) recipes from HelloFresh that are perfect for the Holiday season. Here are five wholesome and balanced meals that will warm you up in no time.

Veggie Loaded Kale & Risoni Soup

A hearty and warm soup is a Winter staple and this veggie loaded kale and risoni soup from HelloFresh absolutely hits it out of the park. All anybody wants during the colder months is to feel cozy and nurtured--just like the flavorful bowl of nutrients. Warm and creamy risoni compliments the seasonal veggies perfectly and the side of garlic bread is a sure-fire cure for any winter blues. With 22 meals to pick from each week, this one is sure to be a household favorite.

Cheesy Red Pesto Chicken Melts

Everyone is familiar with classic green pesto, but have you ever tried red pesto? Red pesto offers way more complexity and oomph than its green counterpart. It is incredibly bright with rich notes of umami, roasted red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, and fresh basil and garlic. This rendition also features hits of chargrilled capsicum for a little extra zest. You get the exact amount of each ingredient and seasoning, as well as super detailed recipe cards, that make meal prep a breeze. Spread it over a glistening chicken bread and sprinkle with cheese for delectable chicken melts.

Winter Risotto

Risotto is a great winter warmer. It's packed full of veggies so your body will light up like fire, but it's also silky, sumptuous and a real crowd pleaser. HelloFresh's Winter Risotto features a heart helping of kale that pairs perfectly with nutty Parmesan and crunchy walnuts for a robust taste. Did we mention that it also comes with fennel seeds sprinkled throughout? This unique seasoning adds a distinctive, yet delicious flavor to this classic winter staple. We know these meals are pretty hardy, which is why we love having the option to pause our subscription or cancel a week when need be.

Cheat's Italian Pork & Veggie Bolognese

A bolognese that only takes 30 minutes to make? Sign us up! This one is chock full of all the rich flavors of a classic Italian sauce. In fact, we're getting some serious Italian grandmother vibes with this recipe. Silky baby Spanish and grated carrots melt into a hearty meat sauce, offering a mouth-watering meal for anyone looking for a little zest. It's delivery quality, but much more affordable, plus you get to cook it yourself!

Smokey Mild Chorizo & Bean Chilli

Yet another clever twist on a weekday favorite! The paprika and garlic flavored cured sausage is a staple in our chopping baskets since it goes well with practically anything. Not only is Chorizo loved for its taste, but also for its ability to infuse sauces with its tantalizing flavor. This time around, HelloFresh has decided to spice up a classic bowl of bean chili with Spanish styling of a smokey mild chorizo. The end result? A mix of chorizo, red kidney beans, corn and avocado, and an irresistible flavor that everyone will love. This is just one of dozens of unique HelloFresh recipes you won't find anywhere else!

Gone are the days of trekking through the frigid cold just for a few groceries. Sign-up for HelloFresh today and get your ingredients delivered right to your doorstep. Time to start cozying up the right way, with a delicious meal and a nice cup of hot cocoa.

Update: Our friends at HelloFresh are extending a special Black Friday offer to our readers. Follow this link to get $90 off across 4 boxes including free shipping!