Tapas is the perfect way to eat. This is not up for debate.

Small dishes designed to be shared make for a unique and fun dining experience with friends. You get a little bit of everything and rarely leave the experience having overeaten or feeling bloated. No city understands the delicacy of tapas better than New York, and as a result, there are thousands of amazing tapas joints to sift through. But you're not here for just any tapas, you want the cream of the crop. At Journiest, we care about quality, so if you find yourself roaming NYC with a group of hungry friends, here are the best tapas restaurants in New York City.


There are four of these in NYC; that's how good it is. Since 2006, Boqueria has been serving authentic Barcelona-style small plates with amazing results. From a six spit rotisserie chicken to a whole suckling pig, make sure you go with a big group to get the full experience. Boqueria's most recent location in Hell's Kitchen also serves breakfast starting at 6:30 AM on weekdays.


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