NYC's food hall culture is about to get an international makeover

Bourdain Market will be worth the wait

New York City, among other things, is a gustatory pleasure zone. It's a land where food trucks can serve up five-star cuisine, where people will take hours out of their day to wait in line for the perfect burger. And, since this is America, what better way to spend a day than at a food hall?

The concept of a food hall is simple. Put a bunch of renowned and respected food vendors within walking distance. Release the hounds. I mean, people. A simple, yet brilliant concept.

Take a whiff inside Chelsea Market and I dare you to maintain a resting heart rate. The warehouse-sized market hosts everything from fresh bite-sized doughnuts at Doughnuttery to traditional kaiseki cuisine by Iron Chef Morimoto himself. While you're at it, get a shave from Fellow Barber. For the culinarily inclined, you can't quite get better.

But, if rumors are to be believed, there's a new market coming to town that could be even more epic than what we dear New Yorkers know and love. It's called Bourdain Market. Though the enormous and daunting project has already been delayed quite a bit due to visa issues, everyone's favorite travel badboy, Anthony Bourdain, plans to bring together the world's greatest chefs and street food gurus to hit New York City with something it's never seen before: an authentic international market on a global scale.

The market will involve over 100 food vendors including artisans and fishmongers, butchers and bakers from around the world. But according to Bourdain, the nucleus of the food market will be a hawker market inspired by those in Singapore. With such a project, it's sure to attract the masses. Bourdain and his team expect nearly 20,000 visitors a day, making it necessity to keep the market open round-the-clock. Though the most important part is that the market maintain its authenticity, to make every meal transport customers to another place entirely.

I am already salivating just from the idea of it, much less from the execution. And there's no better person than Bourdain to get this project off the ground in 2019 at Pier 57. Two years can't go by fast enough!


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