Why Handy Is The Best Way To Treat Yourself In 2021

Something tells me that we're going to be stuck at home for longer than we anticipated. While the first few months of working from home were a great reprieve from the bustle of everyday life, now it's far more draining than relaxing. I'll be honest, I feel like I'm starting to lose my mind being cooped up at home.

That's why I'm going to completely overhaul my home and transform it into my own little sanctuary (it should've been that to begin with, but oh well). But where to begin? There are tons of little things I'd love to change here and there but the notion of changing things up stresses me out.

While I'd love to just start a new show on Netflix and pretend like everything's fine, I know that I won't feel comfortable until I finally tidy things up. And not just tidy. My home is an absolute mess. There's clothing everywhere, my bathroom looks heinous, and I haven't made my bed in two months.

If I'm going to spend more time at home then it should look and feel presentable at the very least. I want to clean things up on my own, but I just can't find the motivation. That's why I decided to look into a cleaning service. A few friends of mine use Handyto book professional cleaning services. It's a website and app that allows you to book home cleanings on a schedule that suits you. I have a mental block when it comes to cleaning, so I wondered if they could save the day by booking a professional to come to my home and bail me out.

They have weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleaning plans, and they're super flexible when it comes to scheduling. Appointments are available 7 days a week from 7 am-11 pm- sometimes you can even book a cleaning for as soon as the next day when available. And it's surprisingly affordable! All I have to do is go to their website and enter my zip code and size of my home. From there, I will be connected with a top-rated home cleaning Professional in my area.

The best part is I can read reviews for professionals before the appointment. I can even request to have the same professional come to future bookings if I liked working with them. And finally, Handy also does a background check and vets each of the Cleaning Pros booked through their app so I feel confident when I book.

They seem super reliable and more convenient than I could ever imagine. A simple click of my mouse and I can schedule a deep clean of my apartment while specifying areas that need special attention (mostly my bathroom, if I'm being honest). I can't wait to sign up and get started!

I have so many new plans to make my home into a more relaxing and productive place, but I need to walk before I run. That's why I'm planning on signing up for a plan from Handy. Before I start treating myself to Netflix binge-a-thon I know that I'll feel 10x better once I can finally breathe in my own apartment.

Handy prioritizes the health and safety of the professionals and customers who use their platform by implementing the Handy Safety Standard. Not only are Pros required to wear face coverings during bookings, but they must also complete daily in-app checkups to confirm they are in good health before they claim a booking.